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Mirna's Fling

Free songs from a free mind

MIRNA'S FLING is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Arjan Hoekstra (The Good Hand, Riders of the Universe et al.). It combines various influences from singer/songwriter music, original beat pop/rock, early gothic & indie rock in playful compositions with a strong sense of artistic freedom.

Despite the - in the widest sense - overall melancholic approach, the variety of styles and ideas is not easy to "file under" any category. As the musician already realized, “it’s hard to be taken serious these days if you do not exactly ‘fit in’."

Of course such superficial attributions are no hindrances for music lovers, and there is no doubt that listeners with different backgrounds will be excited to discover the touching themes of MIRNA'S FLING in varied arrangements. "I don’t seem to have any control on what I write" , admits Arjan, "it just comes naturally. Often my music feels to me like my own private therapy: it’s a way of expressing feelings and staying realistic. Thus I hope my songs can attract people and maybe have a small positive influence. So far I don’t have any answers, but I do hope to ask the right questions.”

Releases on Trollmusic:

"For The Love Of Me" Digipak CD (11-14-2014)

The upcoming album...

"The Secrets Of The Trees" (tba)

...will be released by our friends from the lovely label Minstrel Music (Zwolle/NL). German music journalists are welcome to get in touch with us - info@trollmusic.net - if they want to write about the album.

Arjan Hoekstra (Photo by Marleen den Brok)
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