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Spellbinding heathen folk from Norway

BYRDI is a duo performing heathen folk music deeply rooted in the landscapes and the folk music traditions of the North.

While the debut “Eventyr” reminded many of folk endeavours by Ulver, Wardruna and the likes, “Ansur : Urkraft” presents rather intimate interpretations of heathen folk music, showcasing marvellous vocals and mesmerizing arrangements, not least thanks to honourable guest musicians such as Henning Ramseth, Tove Brovold Vasaasen, Jørn Øyhus (Nordjevel) & Mathias Gyllengahm (Utmarken).

Nash Rothanburg comments: "Ansur - Urkaft" is an album with a wider variety of expressions, not only the album as whole, but also within each song. You may sit down in a meadow and listen to an old fairytale-like song where the message is "listen to the old people, they know what they are talking about", and another song will make you stand in the sunset, in awe, and listen to the song of the night to come. You may also find songs making you want to pack your knapsack and head for the mountains. "Ansur - Ukraft" just feels more like living, where you have ups and downs, meet new people and focus on your life on a slightly different angle than before.

Releases on Trollmusic:

"Ansur : Urkraft" Digipak CD (03-17-2017)

Earlier releases:

"Eventyr" LP (Vardauger)

Nash Rothanburg and Andreas Paulsen
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