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Eye of Mordor

Dark Ambient & Dungeon Synth from Middle Earth

Founded by Tentakel P. (drummer of Todtgelichter, Omega Infinity et al.), this project reflects his fascination for the mythology of J.R.R. Tolkien. While rooted in black / extreme metal, Tentakel P. chose to create dungeon synth and dark ambient under the banner of EYE OF MORDOR.

Tentakel P. comments: "Images of menacing darkness and millenia of ancient, hostile landscapes set to music have always had a monumental influence on my musical work, whether as a lyricist or composer. Like so many artists before me, I have been under the spell of Tolkien's world since childhood, so it was only a matter of time before a creative urge forced me to set it to music. The ancient, the mystical evil of this world demanded a completely different approach than in my previous bands and projects - what started as a purely musical self-experiment, grew through Thor's (Trollmusic) visions and creative input into a full-grown project, and after about two years of exchange, we can now proudly look at the first releases. It was clear from the beginning that such a quirky project would only come about with the quaint trolls at Trollmusic!"

Releases on Trollmusic:

Promo Tape (06-13-2022)
The Old Master (12-21-2022)
promo tape : press quotes

"We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious."

"EYE OF MORDOR  schaffen es wunderbar, eine Geschichte zu erzählen und man möchte gerne wissen, wie diese weitergeht."
Wolle / Undergrounded.de

"Es ist nur ein kurzer Eindruck, den EYE OF MORDOR kredenzen. Und wie gut funktioniert dies in der heutigen übersättigten Musiklandschaft auf einem langsamen und veralteten Medium."
Stefan Wolfsbrunn / Metal.de

"Beide Songs vermitteln jedoch eine ähnliche, sehr dichte und bedrohliche, aber gleichzeitig auch irgendwie abenteuerlich anstimmende, mit dunkler Magie angereicherte Nebelatmosphäre."
Adam Bilke / Schattenpfade Magazin

"EYE OF MORDOR wird bestimmt nicht nur D&D-Spieler und Tolkien-Spezis ansprechen, sondern z.B. auch aufgeschlossenere BM-Hörer."
Jan / Rauhnacht-Fanzine
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