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King of Asgard

Grim & Epic Nordic Metal from Östergötland (Sweden)

KING OF ASGARD have prepared well for their fifth sonic assult. With "svartrviðr" ("black wood") the Swedes continue on the course and refine the style of songwriting that the blackened death veterans established with their latest EP "taudr".

"We see 'svartrviðr' very much as a continuation of what we have started with 'taudr' in 2017", the band comments. "We combined all the elements that grew out of and with King of Asgard since the beginning, which means aiming for the perfect balance between the grim and the epic, darkness and twilight while keeping our sound crushing and stripped down to essentials."

KING OF ASGARD are a perfect example for the classic Swedish metal style that oscillates between harsh and evocative Nordic blackness and the captivating epic melodies of their homeland's death metal - being easily at home in both worlds. When the band came into being in 2008 in Mjölby, in the province of Östergötland, a part of it grew out of the ashes of that city's split-up cult act Mithotyn.

With their first three albums "Fímbulvintr" (2010), " North" (2012), and 'Karg' (2014), KING OF ASGARD firmly established themselves as a powerful presence within their scene. Due to their lyrical topics and visuals relating to the old legends of Östergötland as well as Norse myth and sagas, runic writing and art styles, the Swedes are sometimes categorised within the Viking or pagan metal spectrum. This label is probably also owed to the occasional use of traditional melodies. Yet, KING OF ASGARD clearly went their own way and with a marked penchant for story-telling at epic length, they forcefully claimed a muscial realm of their own.

The release of "taudr", which can either be seen as a short album or as a long EP, in 2017 brought a fresh gust of wind to KING OF ASGARD as new members had joined the band. This left singer and guitarist Karl Beckman as the sole remaining memento to Mithotyn, while a crew of young locals arrived, armed with invigorating enthusiasm and the weapon of great talent, which those newcomers a little later also started to display in death-buzz Vanhelgd.

This new line-up remained stable until the present and worked diligently and hard to create their next full-length that explores the new creative and musical opportunities to the full. Teaming up with Magnus "Devo" Andersson, who could easily cleaim the title of Marduk's house producer, KING OF ASGARD made sure to maintain a black twist to their individual sound.

KING OF ASGARD invite you to explore the dark secrets of the Viking world and those glimpses at ancient rituals that lurk deep within Old Norse writings.

Releases on Trollmusic:

:taudr: LP & Digipak CD (03-17-2017)
:svartrviðr: 2-LP, Digipak-CD (05-28-2021)

Earlier releases:

"Prince Of Märings" (2009, demo)
"Fi’mbulvintr" (2010, Metal Blade)
" North" (2012, Metal Blade)
"Karg" (2014, Metal Blade)

KING OF ASGARD line-up 2021: Karl Beckman, Ted Sjulmark, Mathias Westman, Jonas Albrektsson.

Interviews 2021 (online):

A grim and harsh manner mixed with the epic

Interviews 2021 (printed magazines):

Deaf Forever (Ger)
Hammerworld (Hun)
Metal Hammer (Ger)
Metallian (Fr)
Legacy (Ger)
Urkraft Fanzine (Swe)

:svartrviðr: Press Quotes

"A glorious experience."

"This is the sound of a band who are confident in their craft, and at the height of their powers."
9/10 - Chris Davison -

"KING OF ASGARD is a band that is bursting with quality in everything from musical knowledge to concepts and to the design of their art.”
Urkraft fanzine (Swe)

"Overall, Svartrviðr lives up to its name, showing us a murkier side of KING OF ASGARD."
9/10 - Erika Künstler - Metal Temple

"Ebenso viel Klasse, aber deutlich mehr Masse als 'taudr' bietet 'svartrviðr'."
9/10 - Björn Thorsten Jaschinski - Deaf Forever

"Wer die Muße hat, sich einzuhören, der wird auf 'svartrviðr' viele große Momente entdecken."
8.5/10 - Sebastian Schilling - Rock Hard

"Sehr intensive Platte, die den Hörer fordert, ihm einiges abverlangt - aber auch viel zu geben weiß. Grandios!"
#3 in soundcheck - 13/15 - Wedekind Gisbertson - Legacy

"Erfrischend in ihrer Umsetzung, herrlich klassisch in ihrem Stil."
Tom Lubowski - Metal Hammer (Ger)

“We hebben hiermee één van de beste Viking metal albums van het jaar in handen. Dit is Viking metal zoals het hoort.”
9.5/10 - Vera Matthijssens - Arrow Lords of Metal

"Een mooie samensmelting van melodic death metal en black metal overgoten met epische grandeur en toch badend in kille duisternis zonder het melodieuze aspect uit het oog te verliezen."
90/100 - Luc Ghyselen -

"Un album très solide et parfaitement réfléchi."
9/10 - Crom Cruach -

"Für mich mit das Beste was in diesem Jahr im Bereich Viking Black Metal veröffentlicht wurde. Geniale Riffs, einprägsame Melodien und schwarz wie die Nacht."
8.5/10 - Marco Gräff - Hellfire Magazine

"Vermeintlich ruhige Phasen werden durch mehrspuriges Riffing immer wieder aufgewühlt, und es entsteht eine gewaltige, alles zerstörende Soundwand, die zwar langsam, aber unaufhaltbar alles niederwalzt."
9.2/10 - Maik - Zephyr's Odem

"Epik und Pathos gehen bei KING OF ASGARD nicht mit Kitsch und Klischee, sondern mit ausgestrecktem Mittelfinger einher."
12/15 - Jens Dunemann - Twilight Magazin

"Großes und spannendes Klangkino von einer Band, die man von der Spitze des Genres nicht mehr wegdenken kann."
Degger -

"Definitiv eines der großen Alben 2021 und damit ein Pflichtkauf!"
Black Salvation

"Es lohnt sich, sich mit 'Svartrviðr' eingehend zu befassen."
#3 in soundcheck - 8/10 - Eckart Maronde -

"KING OF ASGARD halten mit 'svartrviðr', was die letzte EP versprochen hat."
Empfehlung! - Eller -

"Die Stimmung auf 'svartrviðr' ist vielleicht die düsterste die KING OF ASGARD jemals hervorgebracht haben."
4/5 - Luka -

"'svartrviðr' besticht durch viele kleine Nuancen. Besonders die hart ausgestoßene Aussprache (...) verleiht dem Ganzen eine ganz spezielle Magie."
Adam - Schattenpfade Magazin

"Ich kann es euch empfehlen, wenn ihr auf Black-Metal-Eintopf steht. Sehr liebevoll aufgemacht!"
Goreminister @ YouTube

"Heavy and imposing album. Check it anyway!"
Eleni Liverakou Eriksson - Eclectic Shadows

"KING OF ASGARD continue to raise their swords high with svartrviðr. The slurry of melodies within the Viking/black/death formatting keeps the music at its strongest and continues to showcase KING OF ASGARD in peak form."
8/10 - Kyle McGinn - Dead Rhetoric

"If you’ve gotten tired of the more party oriented or overly theatrical takes on Viking and pagan themes in metal and have yet to check these guys out, this is a great jumping on point."
8/10 - Chris Dahlberg -

"KING OF ASGARD breathe from a reignited flame and the record comes brimming with energy as a result, offering much in the realm of black, death, and folk metal in one cohesive manner."
Luis -

"KING OF ASGARD has delivered its own blend in a unique way—a solid fifth album from a band that continues to develop in new and intriguing ways."
7/10 - Becton Simpson -

"KING OF ASGARD heeft zijn donkerste album tot nu toe afgeleverd."
7.5/10 - Sanne Raatjes - Smash Press

"Skivan innehaller samma storslagna atmosfäriska death/black metal som föregångaren."
7/10 - Adam Westlund - Sweden Rock Magazine

"Nel caso ci fossero ancora dubbi, rappresentano una delle migliori espressioni artistiche di questo genere!"
8/10 - Luca Zakk -

"Viking duro, dritto, senza fronzoli, una cruda dimostrazione di forza e violenza, urla che riecheggeranno oscure nel Valhalla."
80/100 - Davide Deambrogi -

"¡Uno de los lanzamientos imperdibles del día y que sin duda aquí le hago una mención especial!"
El Tio Melodeath

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