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ALVENRAD, MIRNA'S FLING & THE GOOD HAND rock the first Trollmusic Concert Evening (August 12th, 2016)

The first live appearance by ALVENRAD on the eve of the Prophecy Fest 2016 makes audience and band look forward to more concerts.

And there will be more gigs, that's for sure, as the band already commented short after leaving the stage. While MIRNA'S FLING played for the first time in Germany, THE GOOD HAND welcomed some loyal fans from former gigs. Both bands (playing different styles with the same line-up) performed a truly special "mixed" set which included a guest appearance by Jasper Strik on keyboards and also an outlook on the next album(s). A remarkable heavy impression made Ingmar Regeling who played drums in all bands. Dajana Winkel of Nocturnal Hall magazine wrote a nice review which you can read here.

A BIG "thank you" / "danke" / "bedankt" goes out to Sander (great sound!), Prophecy, all helping hands, the lovely folks of Balve and friends who made this possible!

KING OF ASGARD and Trollmusic will spread the deadly plague together! (May 10th, 2016)

It is with happiness and pride that we announce a pact has been made between KING OF ASGARD and Trollmusic. The Swedish band will record :taudr: in June with reinforced line-up and thus open a new chapter in the band history, heading into a darker direction of Nordic metal.

Jonas Albrektsson (bass)
reflects "there have been major changes in all corners, within and around the band. After a short but necessary hiatus and after months of silence we return to the surface. Charged with new blood, epic tunes and new label partners we're eager to finally set this in existence and substance and strike from a, to KING OF ASGARD, new and different angle. We've had the most perfect years behind us with great support from fans and partners and I'm confident you all will catch us up and still find satisfactory within our creations. Thus :taudr: will mark the coming of a new chapter in the KING OF ASGARD story, even further down the epic darkness."

KING OF ASGARD has so far released three albums, hit the stages of festivals like Kilkim Zaibu
(Lithuania) and Ragnarök (Germany) and will this year perform at Thorhammerfest in Brazil (!) and at Ragnard Rock in France. The debut album's opening song "Einherjar" has become almost a classic of Nordic folk-inspired black metal in recent years.

TUSEN ÅR UNDER JORD spellbinds listeners from various genres / interview (February 27th, 2016)

"In a way, it’s fitting that I’ve had this album sink in with me instead of getting churned through my mind for a quick review. I think it provided a comfort I didn’t know I needed."

This is what Ben from Black Metal & Brews notes while reflecting his personal journey into the night, carried on the soundscapes by
TUSEN ÅR UNDER JORD. Both the artist and the label are thankful to read such lines and to witness that the magic of the music is welcomed by different audiences.
More personal reflections can be read in the interview conducted by Maciej and
translated by Justyna Pietrzak of - you can read the English version here.

TUSEN ÅR UNDER JORD : "Sorgsendömet Fobos" out now, gathering raving reviews (November 6th, 2015)

"A name to keep in mind." - TUSEN ÅR UNDER JORD obviously provokes wondrousness and enthusiasm amongst listeners and critics.

"Everything falls into place", says, while states that "Sorgsendömet Fobos" is "one of the most remarkable ambient / drone / neo classical albums". So feel kindly invited to listen yourself and if you find yourself caught by the underworldly sounds, please share the news amongst your friends and other music lovers!

Digisleeve CD album

TUSEN ÅR UNDER JORD : Trailer for "Sorgsendömet Fobos" (October 13th, 2015)

A trailer. A short glimpse. The underworld folks appreciate when you share it.

BYRDI inks deal with Trollmusic - "Ansur - Urkraft" announced for 2016 (September 23rd, 2015)

It is with great happiness that we welcome the heathen folk band BYRDI from Norway to the Trollmusic roster.

Having already promoted the debut, the reactions of folk music lovers and press proved us right that "
Eventyr" (published by the band itself) is an album that stands out from the usual "dark folk" played by many metal musicians. BYRDI deliver their Norse heritage with rare authentic passion in lively tunes which combine a wide range of traditional as well as archaic instruments and various vocal styles. Nowadays BYRDI consist of Nash Rothanburg and Andreas Paulsen who push each other further with the creation of every new song. This will become obvious with the new album "Ansur - Urkraft", scheduled for a 2016 release.
BYRDI founding member Nash comments upon the continued cooperation: "
I am very pleased to see my beloved BYRDI moving into such a caring house as Trollmusic has a reputation of being. We have poured a lot of body, soul and spirit into the universe that defines BYRDI, and now we can shift our entire focus to the writing of the next album because we know that Trollmusic will handle everything else with the same care and devotion as we did."

TUSEN ÅR UNDER JORD : "Sorgsendömet Fobos" out November 6th / pre-order available now (August 29th, 2015)

"Sorgsendömet Fobos" can be pre-ordered from now on, also as bundle with a t-shirt featuring the underworldly magic of the acclaimed fantasy artist David Thiérrée.

Digisleeve CD album / Digisleeve CD album & shirt

"Night and Music. - The ear, organ of fear, has only been able to develop its richness in the night and twilight of dark woods and caves. This happened according to the way of life in the age of fear, the longest human era ever: the ear isn't that needful in the light . Thus the character of music, which is an art form of night and twilight."

Friedrich Nietzsche

Reviews of BYRDI's "Eventyr" album call it "magical", a "rough diamond" & "the definite folk album" (June 27th, 2015)

The Norwegian folk outfit BYRDI (promoted in Germany by Trollmusic) lately got some raving reviews.

Most of the writers agree that BYRDI offer their own personal interpretation of (relatively rough) Nordic folk, although comparisons are made a.o. to Tenhi and Ulver's classic "Kveldssanger" album.

Meanwhile we updated our "Wooden Outlooks" with an interview we did with Leonard from Nature of Music, who talks about music, photography, running and his way of life. Maybe this is inspiring one way or the other? Enjoy the summer!

New MIRNA'S FLING tune "Love For Fear" performed @ In De Kringloop sessions (May15th, 2015)

Always good for a surprise, Arjan Hoekstra found himself performing a new tune in a very - well - special location.

"Love For Fear"
will probably be among the songs on the next MIRNA'S FLING album "The Secrets Of The Trees". The band has lately been playing a handful of gigs and a.o. Arjan Hoekstra found himself taking part in the sessions @ In De Kringloop which goes along with special challenges for the performing artists - as you can watch in the clip.
Meanwhile "The Secrets Of The Trees" takes shape on various levels and when the time has come we will surely provide some exciting news on a special release. Stay tuned & feel invited to share this song and spread the name!

Trollmusic proudly promotes the "Eventyr" album by Norwegian ritual folk band BYRDI (April 7th, 2015)

After conducting an interview with BYRDI (for and some further talk on their exceptional debut album, Trollmusic founder Thor chose to support the band and the young Vardauger label by promoting the release.

“Eventyr” (“Adventure”) has been released as vinyl version with stunning artwork by the well-respected David Thiérrée, and as download version. BYRDI's ritual folk reflects the beauty and wilderness of the Norwegian countryside in compositions transcending the genre borders, thriving on the soil fertilized by Ulver (“Kveldssanger”) and Wardruna, to name a few. "It feels just natural to help these guys a bit", says Thor, "since they tread almost the same paths that we explore: there's mutual respect for mother Earth and an artistic approach which combines modesty, curiosity and deep enthusiasm for heathen mythology."

If you want to write a review of “Eventyr”, feel free to get in touch and we will provide you with all you need!

TUSEN ÅR UNDER JORD : "Sorgsendömet Fobos" mastered by Peter Andersson (February 9th, 2015)

"Sorgsendömet Fobos" album by Swedish project TUSEN ÅR UNDER JORD is currently mastered by Peter Andersson (Raison d'être et al.).

Originally released as tape edition featuring five chapters, the new and currently mastered version of
"Sorgsendömet Fobos" contains one especially arranged bonus composition which fits just perfectly with the other tracks. The recordings are now in the hands of none less than sound visionary Peter Andersson whom some might know from Raison d'être and other projects. In the meantime we check possibilities of a noble as well as modest product that reflects the darkly brooding music in its originality.

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