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(Troll 015)

2-LP / Digipak CD, artwork by Benjamin König

Release date: tba
"I am spellbound and taken through a journey beyond lakes, meadows, mountains and the mystique held within. A black metal album that should be experienced in full."
Thomas Eriksen - Mork (Nor)

"I can honestly say that 'Zeitlang'" is one of the albums of the year for me."
Andreas Nilsson (Naglfar)

Drei Deita
(Troll 014)

Digipak CD with artwork by Irrwisch, lyrics & translations

Release date: 10-18-2019
"A truly unique release. We particularly enjoy how the band transitions from killer headbanging passage into atmospheric brilliance seamlessly."
92/100 - Dark Emperor - Infernal Masquerade

(Troll 013)

Digipak CD

Release date: 03-05-2021

(Troll 013-01)

Digital Single

Release date: 12-21-2018
"'Solsnu' is a work of remarkable, yet simple, craftsmanship and is thoroughly recommended to all those who seek a spiritual path and immerse themselves in the cathedral of the forest or the shrine of the mountain peaks far above the mundane."
Andy Oliver / Otherworld Magazine

(Troll 012)

Digipak CD with fantastic illustrations for each song

Release date: 09-21-2018
"The eerie, driving rock of Bald Anders’s second album still possesses the style inherent to its creators — ethereal, orchestrated, and dense — but 'Spiel' enters into catchier territory."
Jon Rosenthal / Invisible Oranges

(Troll 011)

CD Box Set incl. poster booklet
Limited edition with patch

Release date: 12-08-2017
"An epic album with no comparable acts and a look into the future of where folk and progressive music are headed together."
9/10 - Jeff Addison /

"Eine beeindruckende musikalische Vielfalt in der geistigen Tradition von Skyclad."
8/10 - Lars Schuckar / Deaf Forever

(Troll 010)

Digipak CD

Release date: 08-25-2017
"Der perfekte Soundtrack für einen Herbststurmspaziergang."
4.5/5 Daria Hoffmann /

"Jederzeit spannend."
12/15 - Lukas Schärer / Legacy

Vinsta Wiads
(Troll 009)

Digipak CD

Release date: 08-25-2017
"Vinsta basically created something unique and beautiful, perhaps the foundation stone of a new subgenre.”
Sofia CK /

"Musikalisch ist Vinsta jedenfalls sensationell, denn hier wird eine interessante Art von dunklem Prog Death zelebriert, die mit großer kompositorischer Finesse aufwartet."
8,5/10 - Thomas Huntke / Deaf Forever

Ett Fjärran Kall
(Troll 008)

Digipak CD

Release date: 08-25-2017
"A nearly transcendental experience."
88/100 - Vera Matthijssens / Lords of Metal

"Man schweift ab in eigene Jugendtage, als der Black Metal noch Seele hatte, Gefühl und rohe Anmut, und spürt tatsächlich eine Art Zufriedenheit, das nochmal erleben zu dürfen. Tack så mycket, Fornhem!"
9/10 - Missy / Zephyr's Odem

Ansur : Urkraft
(Troll 007)

Digipak CD

Release date: 03-17-2017
"If you like traditional songs in Norwegian, Byrdi is your world. These are inspiringly epic songs with passion, beauty and tradition all weaved in."
9,5/10 - Andrew Doherty /

(Troll 006)

LP & Digipak CD

Release date: 03-17-2017
"Taudr is absolutely entrancing. They are a band who have a certain internal viciousness that is only tempered by their dedication to higher, and far more ancient concepts. King Of Asgard are a band who are going to captivate you and remind you once more that Viking metal will never die, but only rise, harder and stronger."
Matt Bacon / Two Guys Metal

Sorgsendömet Fobos
(Troll 005)

Gatefold Digisleeve CD

Release date: 11-06-2015
"In such a short time, Tusen År Under Jord has created a sonic map of the fantastic places I’ve sought solace and crafted the stories of the beasts that used to haunt them. I can only hope to one day discover the physical location for these strange and beautiful sounds."
Ben / Black Metal And Brews

For The Love Of Me
(Troll 004)

Digipak CD

Release date: 11-14-2014
"Call it neo-folk, call it singer/songwriter, call it indie or call it however you like. 'For The Love Of Me' is just beautiful. That kind of 'beautiful' which helps your soul to take a rest and doesn't take itself too important."
8,5/10 - Metal Is Forever Alive Blog

(Troll 003)

Digipak CD

Release date: 04-04-2014
"This band has a sound all it's own and they sound like they have been doing this for years. I'm really interested in seeing what's next for this band. This band has a magic that I've not seen in a very long time. The sky's the limit for this band."
The Elitistic Metalhead

Lost, Alien & Forlorn
(Troll 002)

Digipak CD

Release date: 02-26-2013
"If you want to know the sound of sorrow & yearning, listen to this album!"
15/15 - Jan Fischer / Legacy
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