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King of Asgard

Epic Nordic Metal from Östergötland (Sweden)

Since its start in 2008 KING OF ASGARD offers its own blend of grim blackened & slightly folk-inspired metal. Digging its roots deep into the Northern soil, the band takes up the legacy of iconic pioneers such as Bathory, Isengard or Mithotyn, and adds its own twist, spicing the well-known Nordic myths with dark folk tales from its home land.

After three highly acclaimed albums (on Metal Blade) and a short hiatus, the band returns with a new line-up and thus new-found power in 2016. :taudr: marks a new chapter in the history of KING OF ASGARD, refining its style with great passion and virtuosity, as well as paying tribute to the band's roots in the legendary act Mithotyn.

You can download an in-depth band biography here.

Releases on Trollmusic:

:taudr: LP & Digipak CD (03-17-2017)

Earlier releases:

"Prince Of Märings" (2009, demo)
"Fi’mbulvintr" (2010, Metal Blade)
" North" (2012, Metal Blade)
"Karg" (2014, Metal Blade)

KING OF ASGARD line-up 2016: Jonas Albrektsson, Karl Beckman, Mathias Westman, Ted Sjulmark.
:taudr: Press Quotes

"Still firmly in Viking metal territory, but with plenty of blackened bile underpinning the windswept barrage,: taudr: sounds simultaneously huge and grittily naturalistic. A solid victory."
3.5/5 - Dom Lawson - Metal Hammer UK

"Früher coverten Asgards Könige Isengard, jetzt klingen die Riffs von 'Death... And A New Sun' wie eine gnadenlos groovende Storm-Variante - und die Chöre sitzen auch besser."
9/10 - Björn Thorsten Jaschinski - Deaf Forever

"KING OF ASGARD's new album :taudr: guides me safely to work and back everyday with its 33 minutes of running time and I can tell you it's the best I have listened to in quite some time."
9/10 - Windrider -

"Herrlicher Drive, tolle Melodien."
8.5/10 - Rüdiger Stehle -

"King of Asgard may not be as high-profile as Amon Amarth or Enslaved, but we can use a lot more bands like them who are willing to stay in the trenches and remain true-to-form."
8/10 - David E. Gehlke - Dead Rhetoric

"Vor allem überzeugt :taudr: durch seine Vielseitigkeit und Geschlossenheit."
8/10 - Eckart Maronde -

"Mit :taudr: setzen KING OF ASGARD ihr bisher größtes Ausrufezeichen und untermauern ihren Anspruch auf einen Platz an der Sonne umso mehr. Pflichtkauf für alle Fans des nordischen Stahls!"
Christian Metzner - Waldhalla

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