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Benjamin König / Sperber Illustrationen

The art of Benjamin König is deeply rooted in folk and fairy tales, in myths as well as in a rich imagination. Benjamin's skills and creativity have shaped the Trollmusic endeavor since the beginning: he has drawn the wooden tree logo, the logo and a motive for Ainulindalë merchandise, the logo of Alvenrad and many other beautiful pictures. Adventuresome wanderers are welcome to travel into...

David Thiérrée

Few living artists portrait the trollish underworld and the hidden magic as venturously as Monsieur Thiérrée. He has created artworks for dedicated underground bands as well as pioneers of metal. The second ALVENRAD album "Heer" will feature a stunning cover, which David illustrated according to the band's mythic approach.

Norax Martinez

Lux Divina vocalist Norax Martinez is not only a passionate vocalist and lyricist, but also illustrator and tattoo artist in his own right. In regard to Trollmusic, he has illustrated and painted the cover of the (upcoming) MIRNA'S FLING album "The Secrets Of The Trees" and thus created a congenial echo of the timeless beauty of the music. You can glance at this noble man's creations on...

Markus "Skaldir" Skroch / Kalthallen Studio

Markus is a long time companion in the underground, and besides his involvements in various bands and projects (a.o. Hel, Elane, Abscession, Ash of Ashes) he has been into the wizardry of recording technics and sound alchemy. In the meantime he has recorded folk / rock / metal bands, but more than that he has mixed and mastered albums, some of which turned out (almost) as classic recordings. We couldn't be happier with his service for KING OF ASGARD and BYRDI since he supported their personal approaches even in details that only nerds will notice.

Prophecy Productions

Without Prophecy Productions : no Trollmusic. As easy as that.

Einheit Produktionen

A label for various shades of metal under the banner of unity ("Einheit"), established by a true heathen heart. Musicians of Lux Divina and Utmarken belong not only to our personal circle of friends, but their bands belong to the finest in today's scene (at least from a trollish point of view).

Dan Capp / EinherjArt

Dan Capp is a man of many talents, and besides his English heathen folk project Wolcensmen and his involvement in Winterfylleth, he helps artists and bands to realize designs which leave an impact. Nowadays he mainly focuses on logo design and layout design. With great empathy for the music and the inspiration behind, Dan created the album designs for Byrdi and Fornhem.

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