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The Label

...is a so far small label, founded and managed by Thor Joakimsson. The team of Prophecy Productions / SPKR  provides the infrastructure on various levels, with Andreas Schiffmann taking care of promotion.


In the long run, we want to establish Trollmusic as reputable quality label for artists and bands who create sort of "timeless music" with roots, heart & spirit, without limiting itself to specific styles.


It's important for us to work in mutual trust and support on a long time basis which allows artists and label to evolve and grow together. Being a label run on a hobby basis, it only makes sense for us to invest time and efforts into bands and projects which can really identify with that philosophy and don't only hunt fast success. If you just want your album out as fast as possible, please release it yourself or get in touch with other labels!


Trollmusic is based on networks which include producers, sound engineers, visual artists, photographers, and other creative and passionate folks. We might not sit on treasures of gold, yet together we sometimes transport more than money can buy (or at least something different).


Facing many new challenges in the ever-changing music circus and the surrounding monkey business, we encourage all bands and artists to inform themselves through guidebooks or professional articles on basic matters of music industry. We try of course to work transparently and to answer your questions, yet the more you understand on your own, the better.


Trollmusic is first of all based on the love for music, second on friendship as well as professional networks, including first of all our friends and long-time partners Prophecy Productions. We expect all bands and artists we work with to share an at least similar passion for music and to be open for a creative and maybe sometimes slightly different form of "business" in order to support each other with positive power and concrete responsibilities: the artists have 100% creative freedom in their music, and it's the label's job to publish, promote and sell it.

A growing label still on hobby basis

In 2017, the label kept growing with the signing of new bands and the release of six albums. It should be logical that a label which is so far mainly run in the spare time of one person, nevertheless remains a hobby. So, you should think about that aspect and accept it, before you consider to approach us concerning a cooperation.

Other options

Today each band / artist should seriously consider to self-release its music / art. We live in a time with various new options to do so (just take the time and browse the web). You should have solid reasons for working with a label before you sign any deal, regardless with whom you sign. Only if you’re 100% convinced that you want to work together with a label, which means that you FUNDAMENTALLY TRUST the label to work FOR AND WITH YOU, you should consider signing. And if you do consider, always take your time. If the label doesn’t give you time to consider a contract with a person whom you trust, it might be wise not so sign ;-)

Further questions?

You’re welcome to ask, but remember we might rather focus on the work with bands already signed to the label than wasting our time giving others advice. Thank you for understanding.

Last update: May 2018

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