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Norse Heavy Folk

BYRDI is a band performing heathen folk music deeply rooted in the landscapes and the folk music traditions of the North.

While the debut "Eventyr" reminded many of folk endeavours by Ulver, Wardruna and the likes, the 2nd album "Ansur : Urkraft" presented rather intimate interpretations of heathen folk music, showcasing marvellous vocals and mesmerizing arrangements, not least thanks to honourable guest musicians such as Henning Ramseth, Tove Brovold Vasaasen & Mathias Gyllengahm (Utmarken).

On winter solstice 2018, BYRDI presents the "Solsnu" digital single. Nash Rothanburg explains: "Solsnu or in English Wintersolstice. The light conquers darkness again. Ragnarok is not the end of existence. Ragnarok is the beginning of something new. We bring the wisdom learnt from the experience of living and into the life path that lays ahead. Not only does this song hold deep personal roots in all of us, it also stands firm in our ancestral history as one of the, if not the most, holy of celebrations and rituals in their beliefs. The circle of dark and light is a symbioses that cannot be broken. Without it we will perish. Solsnu!"

Releases on Trollmusic:

"Ansur : Urkraft" Digipak CD (03-17-2017)
"Solsnu" Digital Single (12-21-2018)
"Byrjing" Digipak CD (2020)

Earlier releases:

"Eventyr" LP (Vardauger)

Nash Rothanburg and Andreas Paulsen
"Ansur:Urkraft" : Press Quotes

"BYRDI has made an album that puts you in the heart of the forest, in the shadow of mountains and the cold stream of a river."
Guido Segers - Stranger Aeons

"There is a proud legacy alive within their music, the dual vocal harmonies of 'Ansur:Urkraft' reaching into earthen depths and the heights of the frostbitten firmament."
Tom O'Boyle - Metal Hammer UK

"Ein wunderschönes, melancholisch-mystisches Folk-Album."
Arlette Huguenin -

"Rich in atmosphere, hugely nuanced and utterly mesmeric."
7/10 - Chris Tippell - Ghost Cult Mag

"BYRDI erschaffen meditative, beinahe schon hypnotisierende Songs wie 'Lite Vet Mennesket' oder 'Graanande Ymir', die den Geist auf eine Reise schicken. Dass aber mit Ernsthaftigkeit nicht zwangsläufig Düsternis und Schwermut gemeint sein müssen, zeigen Titel wie 'Ansur' und 'Tid', die sich überraschend lebensbejahend, sonnendurchflutet und unbeschwert den schwergewichtigen Hauptthemen des Albums: Leben, Tod and Jenseits annähern."
9/10 - Katja Spanier -

"Au weia, was 'n Geseier. Kaum zu ertragen..."
2,5/10 - Sonic Seducer
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