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The Label
Trollmusic is a record label dedicated to bringing you adventurous music of hand-chosen artists, released in high quality packaging.

On the artistic surface the label is mainly run by fanzine veteran Thor Joakimsson who has been a helping hand in the A&R department of Prophecy Productions since the Nineties. Nowadays Prophecy Productions / SPKR provides great parts of the infrastructure for Trollmusic.

In fact the strange folks surrounding the Trollmusic label share a fascination for the many shades of nature-inspired folk / black / heavy / death metal as well as other forms of music with somehow heathen, heretic or wyrd substance.

The label encourages its artists to create whatever they feel is somehow linked with their heart, their roots and their spiritual selves. And as we cherish soulful handmade music, we also love to see Trollmusic recordings graced by handmade art, created by true masters. Thus we are grateful to call artists like Benjamin König, David Thiérrée and Norax Martinez our friends.
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