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Every now and then we get messages from "writers" who ask for physical copies of our albums for - as they call it - "reviews" or other promotional purpose. Some ask for more and want t-shirts (for "contests") or "anything you (we) can send". In almost all those cases, none of these "writers" names one single reason why he specifically wants to write about this or that band. They obviously just want to get some items for free.

Without doubts, we value honourable journalism (which includes profound and even humoristique criticism). Trollmusic founder Thor Joakimsson published three fanzine series of his own (Evasion, Mørkeskye, Sounds under the Surface) and wrote for many more (Hammerheart, Legacy, Deftone, Nebelmond, back in the days. Thus we know what editing and writing can mean in terms of efforts... and passion.

And if we or one of our bands get adressed in a way which feels like you adress hundreds of bands, we certainly miss passion - but rather feel disgusted by your greedy approach.

We do share physical copies with certain people. But WE DECIDE to whom and when. If you don't like this, fuck off and never return! Trollmusic was never meant to please you. The music we release might be rather timeless, and in a certain sense its quality might be considered priceless - but it's not cheap.
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