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You know that you witness a special concert if the performing artist gets joined by a special choir: Last friday, Erik of GRIFT received spontaneous support by a choir of frogs croaking at the nearby pond, their sounds echoing through the open window and the mild evening air, while the human audience enjoys the performance of the man from the Swedish countryside on his acoustic guitar.
It's a remarkable gig, and a challenging one. Obviously, Erik is a singer whose voice rather reflects the roughness of GRIFT's roots than any kind of brightly-coloured beauty, thus his tunes sound more rural on an evening like this than in a svart metall context. With the handpicked audience literally sitting at his feet, the musician achieves to allure his listeners to travel in their minds - maybe Northwards, maybe even further...?
In a stark contrast to those "karg" sounds, the music of SANGRE DE MUERDAGO is warm and welcoming in a way you won't meet often in the "close-to-metal-underground-folk". Band founder Pablo has a lot on his mind and not only talks about music in between the songs, but also hints at aspects of - what I would roughly sum up as - "the art of life" in nervous times. Especially his words about the need to empower children to develop encouraging perspectives and to help them acting in favour of nature will hopefully fall on fertile ground. No doubts, the world needs more forest folk and spirits who bewilder the common sense of soulless consumerism. The performance of his band is simply magical.
Thanks to all who made this a memorable evening and a promising kick-off for a tour of folk musicians in their own right!

Recent Recordings

While not much seems to happen on the releases front, we've been listening to demo as well as final recordings, various rough and exquisite mixes of sketches, songs and one album. Reflecting the negotiations we had in the meantime, we're super happy with how things turn out and that we're allowed to focus on the - slow but constant - growth of some of our bands, which we prefer to releasing more albums by people who hunt fast success.

Above you can see a still from a video clip for a song from the upcoming VINSTA album. Believe us, the album has become as beautiful, majestic and spellbinding as the scenery that the lonely wanderer is facing. These days, the record gets mastered, and the artwork... yes, I think one could say that also the artwork gets mastered by Alex of Irrwisch. Except nothing but individual creativity on all levels: music, lyrics, artwork.

Meanwhile, Nash of BYRDI has talked with RS Frost of InnerMissive magazine about his early steps as musician, playing folk metal "in the most necro places", about a serious turning point in his life, and his new-found confidence in music and great fellow musicians who support his growth. To sum it up: This is what we call an interview - read it right here.

And since this is the "gossip" section of our homecave, you won't be surprised to hear rumours about songs from the Netherlands and sketches from Sweden on heavy rotation in the cave. Speaking of caves, we hope to meet you at the Prophecy Fest in September in Balve. :-)

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